The 7-segment LED display developed by LUCKY LIGHT won the title of “High-tec Product”

The 7-segment LED display developed and produced by Luckylight Electronics Co., Ltd under Luckylight group was rated as “high-tech product” by Guangdong high-tech Enterprise Association in Dec., 2019.

Luckylight is a professional LED manufacturer of LED components R&D, production and sales for nearly 30 years. In order to meet the 7-segment LED display demands in different lines such as instruments, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc., the technology R & D team of Luckylight have made continuous efforts to improve the product’s structure and function. With its strong technical team, Luckylight has got continuous technology breakthroughs and innovations, and it has also made progress on the direction of high performance and quality in mini size package. Especially on the application of the SMD 7-segment LED display and special LED panel digital display, the R & D team have broken through many industrial problems, and meet the requirements of special application of LED digital display panel on the products of many famous global manufacturers.

With the continuous miniaturization and diversification of display equipment, Luckylight has different SMD LED displays, which can replace a full range of DIP type LED displays.

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