RoHS/ REACH certificate is available through linked below. Type of product marked in the report represents it is not only applicable to particular product but the whole series.

REACH, RoHS instructions, test report of Conformity


You can click [here] to download the relevant test report.

All LUCKY LIGHT products comply with EU RoHS Pb-free and Hg-free requirements.

According to relevant regulatory requirements of EU RoHS (2011/65/EU), when lead (mercury) contained in homogeneous material is less than 0.1% (1000ppm) percentage of material weight, it is deemed as Pb-free or Hg-free product.

Halogen free is determined according to IEC61249-2-21 international standards. I.e. total chlorine (CL) and bromine (Br) contained in homogeneous material should be less than 900ppm, and the sum of total CL and Br should be less than 1500ppm.

RoHS test report means test result of product homogeneous material dissolving test conducted by third party test center for RoHS prohibited substances.

SGS report is RoHS/REACH test report issued by SGS test center.

RoHS test report, SGS report and REACH report are the same type test reports with different names. All RoHS tests of LUCKY LIGHT products are entrusted to SGS.

LUCKY LIGHT has obtained various certificates such as quality, environment, safety, hygiene, hazard substance-free and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Certificate at:

“Support”-“Download Document”.


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